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Project Portfolio Management Software

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CIOs must align resources and investments with business strategies to maximize ROI. PMA’s project and portfolio management solution for IT makes it easier to do both. It provides insight, visibility and precision control over the entire portfolio of IT investments. It helps you reduce costs, improve operations and add strategic value to the organization.

Project and Portfolio Management Software Capabilities

PMA’s Project IT solution capabilities include:

  • Resource management and allocation
  • Scheduling
  • Budgeting
  • Forecasting
  • Work-in-progress reporting
  • Utilization and capacity planning
  • Quantitative and qualitative project assessment
  • Robust and fully integrated time and expense management

Project Management Software for Internal IT Project Management

PMA project management software streamlines the management of service requests, from routine troubleshooting to major capital projects. Helping you more effectively satisfy the demands of all stakeholders, it:

  • Assigns the right resources to every project or service request
  • Tightly manages work-in-progress delivery costs, timelines and project execution
  • Captures employee time and expense promptly and efficiently
  • Delivers seamless cost tracking, e.g., capitalization vs. expense, budgeting and cost allocations/chargeback/activity-based costing

Higher-Value Project Management Tools

PMA project portfolio management solutions drive satisfaction and increase capitalization. They enable both project and accounting managers to access information in a decision-ready format. They allow data to flow back and forth seamlessly from account management to accounting to facilitate both economic and service delivery success.

PMA project management software delivers significant ROI by enhancing your ability to:

  • Gain visibility and centralized control of all activities, including all pending and in-progress projects
  • Manage project portfolios while assessing and prioritizing projects based on potential qualitative and quantitative value/benefit and strategic alignment
  • Optimize resource allocations and commit to project timelines
  • Provide extensive reporting capabilities
  • Increase timely under-budget project completion rates
  • Identify and mitigate issues that threaten investments
  • Improve your bottom line through better capitalization of internal IT investments and accurate, timely internal billing or chargebacks
  • Improve demand forecasting to avoid resource shortages
  • Accommodate international project delivery and financial teams
  • Use historical project data to negotiate better terms and improve budgeting cycles and business unit satisfaction
  • Analyze performance to track improvements versus benchmarks
  • Determine where to concentrate resources efforts

Features that Drive Project Management Excellence

PMA provides a platform for excellence to enhance internal ROI. Software features include:

  • Capacity planning, utilization and project and work request management
  • Project evaluation tools, including Gantt charts, cost charts and chargeback reports
  • Project team management and allocation
  • Powerful weighted searching
  • Skills and role management, including proficiencies and experience
  • Matrixed employee evaluations
  • Document templates that streamline processes
  • Drag-and-drop staff assignment screens and cost templates to quickly establish schedules, secure resources, set budgets and complete project blueprints
  • Document management
  • Action item tracking
  • Change order functionality
  • Capitalization versus expense
  • Earned value analysis
  • Bi-directional Microsoft Project interface
  • Vendor management

Initially built for Infor Lawson interoperability, PMA’s project management software solutions can be implemented with significantly greater speed and lower cost than any third-party solutions. Our approach ensures reduced cost of ownership over the life of PMA solutions. The easy user interface accelerates productivity. It allows you to optimize the value of your ERP investment and extend the overall capabilities of any operating system.

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"PMA's ProServ, Time and Expense have proven to be the ideal front end to our Infor-Lawson investment. ProServ is the core to our global, professional team who has their client project one-stop-shop in PMA and the seamless integration to Lawson means our financials and payroll all flow naturally." Matthew Henry, Director of Technology at Duff and Phelps

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