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Today January 29, 2018, Great River Energy (GRE) a regional electric utility company located in Minnesota goes live on PMA TIME leveraging a staggered rollout to 1,100 users.

New functionality regarding the collection and processing of General Ledger Strings to support the utilities financial reporting requirements were developed and added the PMA TIME.  Additionally, GRE leverages three different project management systems, but using PMA TIME employees have one integrated timecard, processing seamlessly to Infor Lawson Payroll.

Replacing a system of printed paper, excel spreadsheets and a single person keying in time for whole departments they are looking to boost their green initiates by using less paper (and Trees), boost accuracy and gain efficiency in the processing of their bi-weekly payrolls.



Join us at the upcoming West Coast Mega Infor Lawson User Group

West Coast Mega Infor Lawson User Group 
January 23rd-24th, 2018
Newport Beach, CA

PMA’s Lou Pereira will be presenting “Keys to a Successful Implementation: It is not just about software, it’s about how to understand your culture and leadership style.”

Software, database installation, training, support and documented business processes are very important to a project’s success.  Most of us know this.  However, what is often ignored in software implementations are people’s motivations/behaviors and corporate culture.  This presentation will introduce you to a framework that defines 4 types of corporate cultures.  We will provide examples to help you identify each type and equip you with guidelines that aligns and improves your project success.    We will also introduce The interChange Cycle™ and their 6 stages of change management.  This is an easy to use and understand change management cycle.  This tool will help you overcome users that are resistant to change.   So, it not just about software, it’s also about people and culture.

To download a copy of this popular presentation, click on the like below.

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Just a quick note to say Thank You for coming and speaking to our group at Chester County last Thursday.   Everyone (and I mean everyone) really enjoyed it and I have heard “I am in red”, “turn the dial” and “cold water, cold water” so many times in the past few days it is amazing!!!  My materials group is truly in a transition and thanks to you we now have some expressions to use when working through our challenges.  Thanks again for your time.

Jan Markham

Director Materials Management

Chester County Hospital


“I loved your presentation and would love to receive a copy of it!  Best wishes to your son as he begins his St. Olaf career: I am an alum myself and being on campus these last two days really makes me nostalgic.  I hope he enjoys his time as much as I did!”

Laina Rajala

Accounting Project Manager

Taylor Corporation


“The best presentation I have ever attended at a user group”

Robyn Armstrong

Director of Payroll

Dallas Area Rapid Transit” DART


“I struggled getting payroll on board with the implementation and I applied your recommendations from the change management cycle and what a difference this made.  Payroll is totally on board now and we are making great progress, thank you!”

Patty Williams

Director of Finance

The Jackson Labs


“Good morning Lou, it was nice seeing you again and chatting.  It’s the first time I didn’t see a demo on your software, maybe that’s the key!  Could you forward your presentation so I can see if I can figure out a way to get you here to do your presentation.”

Greg Dey

Sr. Systems Analyst

Great River Energy


 “I was at your presentation yesterday “It’s Not Just About Software” on the 4 core cultures and requirements to sustaining value.  First, that was a great presentation, I really enjoyed it and wished we had more time for you to go through the entire presentation.

You mentioned sending out your presentation, can you please send me a copy of it?”

Jeff Adams
Systems Analyst – SCM Operations
Mayo Clinic Supply Chain Management 


 “Nice presentation at TNLUG.  We have been asked about sharing your PowerPoint from the meeting last week, just wanted to know if you would allow us to share this, and with what audience (public access website?  TNLUG membership?  Attendees at last week’s meeting?)”.

James Gardner

Dollar General


 “I found your presentation yesterday afternoon to be really interesting.  I might share it with a few people here and maybe we can have you do it ASA.”

Kevin Hyland

Lawson Business Administrator

American Student Assistance


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PMA named one of the top 20 Project Management solution providers for 2015 by CIO Review

Is your organization ready for the mobile revolution?

Mobile devices have altered our daily lives; they have changed how we work and how we interact with others. Most notably, they provide an internet connection from anyplace, at any time, with information at our fingertips.

In addition to finally mastering level 125 of Candy Crush while waiting for your latte, this ease of connectivity means you can also report and approve time using PMA Time Mobile even after having left the office for the day. No more delays in process because you don’t happen to be near your PC or laptop.

PMA is the leading Infor Certified Complementary & Services Partner providing:

  • Time and Absence Management Software
  • Professional Services Automation Software (PSA)
  • Project Portfolio Management Software (PPM)
  • Expense Management Software built for users of Infor Lawson enterprise solutions.

We have over 100,000 Infor Lawson Users across 28 countries, driving unprecedented value out of their Infor Lawson ecosystem through seamless integration with PMA’s systems.

Past Events

PMA was at these conferences. While there, we  presented our new PMA Time Mobile app and discussing the important questions around mobile strategies.  


North East, Infor Lawson User Group
September 27th-28th, 2017
Manchester, VA

South Coast Infor Lawson User Group
September 17th-20th, 2017
Charlotee, NC

Midwest Infor Lawson User Group Summer Conference
August 23rd-24th, 2017
Northfield, MN

inforum 2017
July 10th-12th, 2017
New York, NY

Gartner PPM/IT Governance Summit 2016  
June 6th – 8th, 2016
Orlando, FL

North East Lawson User Group Spring Meeting
June 11th– 12th, 2016
Nashua, NH

MidWest Lawson User Group Summer Conference   
June 25th– 26th, 2016
Northfield, MN

inforum 2016
July 10th– 13th, 2016
New York, NY

Gartner Symposium/ITxpo 2016
October 5th – 9th, 2014
Orlando, FL

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"PMA's ProServ, Time and Expense have proven to be the ideal front end to our Infor-Lawson investment. ProServ is the core to our global, professional team who has their client project one-stop-shop in PMA and the seamless integration to Lawson means our financials and payroll all flow naturally." Matthew Henry, Director of Technology at Duff and Phelps

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