Staffing and Recruitment: PMA Staffing Solutions’ enabled AI recruitment and staffing services is customized to meet your needs. While our teams use technology to search and shortlist, our team of technology architects and senior experts interview each and every candidate. Providing you with highly personalized attention, has helped us deliver the best and brightest talent to you


Contingent and Full-Time technology Staffing Services

  • We believe that today’s model for talent development and staffing complex IT projects is fundamentally broken and delivering lower value at higher price points. Organizations sometimes need to be satisfied with the better of the person that is presented to them at a point in time and then they hope and pray and assume that it works. No wonder more than 70% of the IT projects today are over budget and behind schedule.
  • We intend to provide our customers with the best talent that there can be from beginning to end, with a customized talent transformation program, targeted recruiting, onboarding and then offering the try-before-buy model to ensure that there is no space for overlooking anything for any reason. Our value proposition will change the way you think about getting an outside talent or developing your internal talent. 
  • With our team of expert recruiter and a talent sourcing network spanning more than 100 partners, PMA Staffing Solutions can identify the best talent that you need, when you need it. Quality, Speed and Flexibility are the key pillars that our recruitment services operate on

Direct Hires

  • We have invested heavily in both technology and background screening of the individuals. We ensure that candidates that we share for your review are qualified and verified for who they claim they are. As a result, you are not swamped with profiles, but are presented with a smaller set of qualified candidates to choose from.

Leadership Hiring

  • The PMA Staffing Solutions leadership and the recruitment team brings in many years of of experience working at leadership roles in several large SIs. We are directly connected to large talent pool of qualified senior resources with an enviable track record in Sales, Delivery, Account Management, Strategy & Advisory services within the Top 20 Consulting, Technology and BPO companies.

Sales Hiring

  • We can help you to rapidly connect and hire right sales leaders to fill your Sales leadership needs across functions irrespective of whether you are building out a new geography or a new business unit or simply expanding your existing team. We not only help you hire hunters and sharp shooters, but also help you to get engagement managers to  manage your existing business!

Try before you buy

  • Try-Before-You-Buy is a hiring method in which you can bring potential employees in on a trial, contract basis so that you can evaluate (“try”) their skills and performance before committing to hiring (“buying”) them “direct” or full-time. If the candidate doesn’t work out, you can simply end the contract assignment and try someone else. In the Try-Before-You-Buy arrangement, PMA Staffing Solutions will find you the right candidate, deploy the candidate at your site and then transfer it to you if you like the candidate.
  • Pros – No commitment to a full-time hire until the candidate has proven his/herself and skills
  • Quicker hiring process: Save money during the trial period – employer taxes, benefits contributions, etc., paid by back-office. You only pay for hours worked.
  • Opportunity to establish whether candidate is a “cultural fit”
  • Minimize your recruitment risks
  • Need new staff right now but unsure you’ve found exactly the right person for the job?
  • Our model gives you both the time to get to know each other, before you tie the knot. It’s the perfect way to meet your short-term needs and, if both sides agree, gain a trusted long-term employee.

Some of our clients who are driving value with pma:

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