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Expense Management Software

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To minimize “hidden” costs in business travel and entertainment requires a smart solution for managing expense reporting and reimbursement. PMA provides a streamlined and timely expense management software system that allows you to track, analyze and control these expenditures. Efficient and easy to use, it ensures employee focus on solving business challenges, not expense reporting, reimbursement and cash flow.

Automate & Simplify Expense Reporting

PMA expense management software automates and simplifies expense reporting and reimbursement. It helps you:

  • Increase cost control and visibility
  • Eliminate redundancies, errors and fraud
  • Accelerate reporting and time to reimbursement
  • Promote higher employee and manager satisfaction
  • Optimize and accelerate audit workflow

PMA expense management software eliminates manual reporting and error-prone processing of expense reimbursements. In addition to allowing you to embed your standards and policies in the workflow, it establishes centralized visibility, improving audit functionality for SOX and internal controls compliance.

Expense Reporting that Enhances Employee Satisfaction

PMA expense management software makes it easy to transform a tedious and time-consuming chore into a routine task. In addition to greater speed, it also improves accuracy and control when:

  • Employees report expenses
  • Managers approve expense reports
  • AP or payroll reimburse employees and track costs and billable expenditures

A flexible solution that adapts to the unique needs of your organization, PMA expense management software:

  • Can be configured to your organization’s unique business rules, as well as to local, national and international regulations
  • Cuts your time to reimburse dramatically, so employees and AP/payroll teams love it
  • Accommodates employees and non-employees in the same system
  • Allows auditors and accountants easy access to expense information behind fixed assets
  • Supports multinational currency and tax functionality, including VAT and GST
  • Supports SOP98-1 reporting requirements

Features Geared to Both Convenience & Compliance

PMA expense management software is pre-configured in a way that balances ease of use with compliance integrity. For example:

  • Data entry templates and time-saving automated fill-ins and content replication
  • Configurable corporate policy and audit controls
  • User wizards to expedite data entry
  • Corporate credit card integration
  • Receipt image management
  • Workflow designed to address corporate oversight and critical control frameworks
  • Global access

Initially built for Infor Lawson interoperability, PMA’s expense management software solution can be implemented with significantly greater speed and lower cost than any third-party solutions. Our approach ensures reduced cost of ownership over the life of PMA solutions. The easy user interface accelerates productivity. It allows you to optimize the value of your ERP investment and extend the overall capabilities of any operating system.

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"PMA's ProServ, Time and Expense have proven to be the ideal front end to our Infor-Lawson investment. ProServ is the core to our global, professional team who has their client project one-stop-shop in PMA and the seamless integration to Lawson means our financials and payroll all flow naturally." Matthew Henry, Director of Technology at Duff and Phelps

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